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BMW PGA: Padraig Harrington wants all Ryder Cup hopefuls at Wentworth

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Padraig Harrington has warned prospective members of his European Ryder Cup group there will be”no excuses” for playing at the BMW PGA Championship next year.
Qualifying for the European team starts this week and ends at Wentworth September before Harrington takes his side to Whistling Straits to defend the Ryder Cup contrary to the Team USA of Steve Stricker.
Harrington is delighted to observe a stellar area teeing it up in the West Course this week, headlined by Rory McIlroy, and he is intent on watching more of the exact same a year from today when rankings on his team for Wisconsin are most likely to be determined.
“This is a enormous part of why it’s starting this week and it’s finishing in the BMW PGA Championship,” said Harrington, shortly after hammering Robert Karlsson as his first assistant captain. “Here is the flagship event in Europe along with also the players develop and accept it.
“That is our largest European event, it is the one which you are interested in being there. You are certain to receive a field, which isn’t just important this year, but it will be important come this time that we possess the players playing with with the previous occasion.
“If you can find positions still to be determined, every player will likely probably be going up against other very great players who week and there won’t be any excuses. You ca turn around and say,’well, I do not need to come to the event; it’s not big enough’.
“This will cause no excuses next year, as everybody will probably be here who wants to get on the group. And it is a nice golf course now, it truly is. They have created the enhancements and everyone loves it and it is a true good golf course and it will create fine play, which is exactly the form of golf course we’ll be analyzing the players on.”
Harrington also highlighted the importance of having rookies on the group, together with the likes of Open winner Shane Lowry and Matt Wallace one of those likely to make their own Ryder Cup debuts.
“We want rookies,” Harrington added. “How do you get the atmosphere and buzz on the team? You need guys there just thrilled to be excited and there, and the older guys get the ability to help and handle a young participant. That is the beauty of this Ryder Cup, to have rookies on the group.
“Certainly you would not need to go in there together with 12 rookies and should two rookies qualify, I’ll be choosing three experienced men. So we won’t be moving in with 12 rookies, because the rookies have made it for Europe through recent 29, but you want a mixture.
“Those are the men that come out and they shine. I am hoping to get a great balance on the group, and everything I get, the nine men who qualify will deserve to be there, plus it’s my job to choose three men to balance them out, and then it is myself, Robert and another vice-captains’ tasks for the maximum from them when we are there during the week.”

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